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Haven’t They Seen The News? Developers Pick Worst Possible Time To Launch Plans For Outdoor Swimming Pools On The Thames As The River Floods Its Banks

Plans: The fixed pools would be split across two levels and sit on a concrete slab suspended on the steel frame, while the second adjoining floating structure would be free to rise and fall with the tide The current system, designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette, opened in 1865 and 150 years later the sewers are running at full capacity. In 2012, 57 combined sewer overflows discharged 39 million tonnes of sewage into the River Thames. Weathered: As the supporting structure weathers, the designers hope it would be colonised by algae, ferns and saline plants such as sea beet and sea aster The designers behind the scheme have earmarked the Thames Baths Project for the sites of the proposed Super Sewer vents: Shadwell in the east of the city and Blackfriars Bridge in central London. ‘Our scheme doesnt rely on the Super Sewer it relies on the government taking action and commissioning a clean-up programme for the Thames as the (existing) Bazalgette sewers are near capacity,’ said Mr Romer-Lee.
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Insulation Grown From Fungi

Courtesy of Ecovative Existing rigid board insulation (such as extruded polystyrene) is made of finite petrochemicals and often includes high global-warming potential blowing gasses that seep out over time, lowering the aged R-value. In addition, loose fill and batt insulation can settle, especially in a movable tiny house, which compromises effectiveness. Furthermore, in order to meet fire safety codes, nearly all rigid board and loose fill insulation materials are made with harsh flame retardant chemicals. Ecovatives alternative process involves live Mushroom Insulation being packed in between the walls. In three days, the mycelium grows and solidifies the loose particles into air-sealed insulation, while also adhering to the pine boards and creating an extremely strong sandwich.
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Feb 8

Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

I asked Jeff if most people were remodeling their homes these days in order to sell them or if they were making the renovations for themselves. He said about 30 percent of the work Two Poor Teachers does are for people who are looking to sell their homes. But he expects that percentage to increase as home prices rise.
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Feb 5

Plumbing Repairs Or Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing Services: Tlc Plumbing, Inc.

Saved 2014-02-04T15:27:00Z Plumbing Repairs or Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing Services: TLC Plumbing, Inc. 23 hours ago Whether you need plumbing repairs or kitchen and bathroom remodeling plumbing services, contact TLC Plumbing, Inc. of Griffith, IN.
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Feb 3

Portland, As Seen Through Its Porches

"I am sure many will be familiar with this porch because it is just down the street from Pine State Biscuits on Northeast Alberta Street. At times, the line for brunch will stretch around the corner and down the street to this house. Every time I pass it, there are different arrangements on the porch: a pile of books, a potted plant, a cat sleeping on a sweatshirt. The Its just a very vibrant city compared to New York, and I think thats because the weather is just so gray here, people feel they need to becolorful. A&L: Do you ever think about who lives inside thehomes? TC: Yes, a lot, and thats why I think it being a mystery is better than meeting the people. I like trying to imagine how they are using the porches as clues as to who they mightbe. A&L: What part of town has the bestporches?
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Feb 1

Photo Release — Porch Introduces 52 Ways To Love Your Home Series

It’s also the project that has the largest return on investment for the eventual resale of your home. Hanging that picture that’s been leaning against the wall, buying a new duvet cover for your bed or adding a lamp are minor projects that can make a major impact. Search out that one thing that is bothering you in a room and vow to improve your home, one room at a time. Whole article at

Replacing Windows? Look For Seal Of Approval.

When taking out old windows, giving attention to the condition of the window frame can prevent water leaks. It’s easy to see why replacement vinyl windows are so popular. They never require painting, and with minimal care they look like new for many years. Many houses have white windows and trim, so old windows can be replaced with standard white vinyl new ones with minimal work. The windows will match the house, and installation costs can be kept to a minimum. Replacing Windows? Look for Seal of Approval.

Stillwater-area Heating And Cooling Company Offers Tips On How To Choose The Best Hvac Companies

We want to be sure that people know just what to look for when looking into Stillwater HVAC companies to do work on heating and cooling systems, says Mike Daine, owner of Prescription Heating & Cooling. Of course, I believe Prescription Heating & Cooling is one of the best HVAC companies in the Stillwater area, so I recommend giving us a call or contacting us online to see what we can do for you! Prescription Heating & Cooling is an HVAC company and a leading expert in the heating, cooling and HVAC industries. The company’s personalized heating and cooling service and high-quality HVAC products set it apart in its industry. Its team can install, service, and repair all brands of heating and cooling units. For more information on how to pick the best HVAC companies in Stillwater, visit ..
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House Painting And Baby

If you live there you really need to buy special paint - low/no odor and low/no VOC’s - because regular paint has all kinds of crappy toxins and whatnot and you DO NOT want your LO living in a house with that on every surface (it can take many, many months to even stop smelling). If you can get this paint (lots of various brands - just google) then just have LO out during the actual painting, have the house completely opened up and don’t bring LO back until the painting is done and dry to the touch. Select All Posts By This User : There are some very economical low/no VOC paints available. I’ve used the one Lowe’s sells (can’t think of the brand) and was very happy with it.
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Home Decoration Tips That Will Save You Money

While it can be fun to watch home decorating shows on television, you might come away with the idea that you have to be rich to make your home look great. So now you should feel confident about this because there is much more you can do than you may think. If you are tired of the way your home looks, even an apartment, then start slowly and plan carefully. You can even do some impressive decorating with what you can find outside.

You would be surprised at what you can accomplish on a scale that is not so big. You may even have things around your home that you’re not using, and then just apply them to new situations. One aspect of home decorating is not in the house, but rather out of it with accentuating around your garden or shrubbery, etc. The fact of the matter is there are no limits to your creativity if you just relax and look at things. Fresh flowers can also be a wonderful way to decorate a room, though these must be frequently replaced.

You can be general or very specific with style ideas, and you can look just about anywhere to get inspiration. So, if you and your spouse want to haggle about what to do, then just sit down and talk about it and go have a look at nearby stores. Or, if you want to take a totally new direction, you can decorate in the theme from another country. And then how about decorating different rooms in different themes? But it’s good to give some thought to your general preferences when it comes to your decorating style.

Since the outside of your house needs to meet curb appeal, you need to think about that whenever you make home improvements. When anyone approaches your house or passes by, what they see is included in this. You can make a big difference in the appearance of your house, by having a neat looking front porch and door, along with a lawn that is well tended. In order to get a better curb appeal, all you will need to do is take a few minutes and give your front door a new coat of paint. While you’re at it, you may also want to replace your knocker or bell. It is probably time that you had new house numbers displayed. One thing which would make your front porch look much better, is a new mat, to welcome people to your home.

The thing to remember about home decorating is you really don’t need to spend a ton of money. It can be a fun day with getting everything together and then you can apply each to a different room. No matter what type of theme that interests you, there is something you can do to achieve it.